Magic Awards

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Magic Awards

Leigh has won many magic awards from local, regional, and national magic conventions. Competing against top magicians from all around the world, including the SAM national Red Seal award for comedy magic.

  • 1st Pace Stage Wizards Conclave 1984
  • CMC 1st Pace Stage 1985
  • 1st Place Stage Wizards Conclave 1985
  • 1st Place Stage Cleveland Magic Connection 1987
  • Society of American Magicians National Red Seal Award 1988
  • 1st Place Stage Columbus Magi-Fest (Twice)
  • 1st Place Closeup CSMA 1990
  • Arizona State Parlor Magician of The Year 2005
  • IBM Ring 55 Volunteer of The Year 2008
  • IBM Ring 55 Three Term President Award
  • Inducted to IBM Ring 55 Magic Hall of Fame 2017

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